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Academic Library Building Design: Resources for Planning: Key Additional Resources

ACRL and LLAMA have joined forces to provide a basic framework for architects, planners, and librarians embarking on the planning and design of libraries for higher education.

Key Additional Resources

Key Additional Resources

Updated November 2018


A search across ALA brings up ten pages of building related materials, from assessment to construction, many of which are available online:

ALA Library Fact Sheet 11: Building Libraries and Library Additions: A Selected Annotated Bibliography

Buildings and Signage

EDUCAUSE Learning Space Rating System (LSRS)


Whole Building Design Guide: Academic Library

Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)

International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA): Library Buildings and Equipment Section

Ideas + Inspiration from Demco collects webinars and blog articles pertaining to collaborative spaces for libraries. Retrieved from

Social Media

Innovative Library Space. Collection by Delaware Libraries.

Innovative Library Spaces. Collection by Kimeke.


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