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Digital Badges Interest Group

Libguide for ACRL members interested in digital badging in libraries

About the Digital Badges Interest Group

The Digital Badges Interest Group's charge is to provide a forum for discussion and the exchange of ideas related to digital badges and micro-credentials, particularly as they relate to libraries (of all types) and information literacy. The interest group’s work may also include: developing new ideas and approaches to using digital badges, sharing information about badging projects, research, and platforms, and providing networking opportunities for members.

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Contact Information

Kelsey O'Brien (Co-Convener, July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2020)
Victoria Rose Raish (Co-Convener, July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2020)
Emily L. Rimland (Past Convener, July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019)
Mariel Colbert (Staff Liaison, July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019)

Upcoming Meetings

Our next virtual meeting will be in Fall 2019. Keep an eye on the DBIG listserv for details!

Past Meetings

4/3/2019: The Comprehensive Learner Record

Presentation Slides:

Description:  As competencies have increasingly become currency for employment, educational institutions are identifying ways to assist students with communicating their skills and experiences. The Comprehensive Learner Record is a learner-centered verifiable digital record for capturing and communicating a student’s achievements that historically have not been included on a student transcript. In this webinar, learn about current developments with the CLR and discuss the intersection with academic library services.

Jeff Bohrer is the technical program manager for digital credentials at IMS Global Learning Consortium, a nonprofit collaboration of the world's leading universities, school districts, government organizations, content providers, and technology suppliers, cooperating to accelerate learning technology interoperability, adoption, and impact. Prior to his work with IMS, Jeff spent 20 years leading academic technology services in public and private universities and a public school district.

11/6/2018: Exploring Digital Badging Ecosystems

Presentation Slides:

Description: Speakers will share their experiences implementing badge programs in various Learning Management Systems. 

Roberta (Robin) Sullivan is an Online Learning & Innovative Instruction Specialist for the Center for Educational Innovation at the University at Buffalo. She leads SUNYs Exploring Emerging Technologies for Lifelong Learning and Success (#EmTechMOOC), a global learning opportunity to create 21st century citizens equipped for today's technology-driven society ( ) and the Tools of Engagement Project (TOEP): On-demand Discovery Learning Professional Development. Sullivan has been recognized through a SUNY Faculty Advisory Council on Teaching and Technology (FACT2) Excellence in Instructional Support award, two Open SUNY Effective Practice Awards, and the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service. Additional information can be found on her personal homepage at: 

Angela Ecklund taught courses in American and British literature at Hunter College for nearly a decade as a PhD candidate at the CUNY Graduate Center and holds a Masters in Information and Library Science from Rutgers University.  She has been the names and works authority file editor for the MLA International Bibliography for 6 years and also produces tutorials and other educational materials for users of the database.  The latest project, released last May, is an online mini-course on Moodle that issues open badges. She has found digital badges to be a fun and practical way to issue certifications across institutions.

Jared Ward manages the Solutions Engineering Team for Canvas in Asia Pacific and has a background in classroom technology integration, including ePortfolios, blended and flipped learning, 1:1 and mobile learning. Jared has developed training programs for new Canvas users as well as specialized courses on badges (digital credentials), Google Drive integration, and Web 2.0 teaching and learning tools. As a Solutions Engineer, Jared supports the sales team doing onsite training and demonstrations, webinars and online support and help. He also provides workshops for teachers and administrators who are new to Canvas and helps institutions build a vision for blended learning and the role that Canvas plays in that pedagogical shift. Jared will demo using Badgr and Canvas. He’ll show modules and completion requirements in Canvas, as well as features for creating or assigning badges to a module, requiring evidence, using the progress tracker and leaderboard, and what Badgr Pro has to offer. 

2/21/2018: Building a Badge Program with Learning Pathways

Presentation Slides:​ 

Description: We're stoked to have Nate Otto, Director of Open Badges at Concentric Sky, as our guest for our spring meeting and hope you can join us! Nate's presentation will discuss how Open Pathways and Open Badges may contribute to informed public understanding of the quality/credibility of information, news, and credentials that circulate online. We also learned that this presentation will include the first live demo of some new features related to Open Badges and Open Pathways.

Nate Otto is Director of Open Badges Projects at Concentric Sky, where he leads development of the Badgr platform for issuing and managing verifiable digital credentials. He is the lead author of the Open Badges Specification within the IMS Global Open Badges workgroup and contributes to technology standardization and coordinated development between companies in the digital credentials and related markets. Nate enjoys world-changing technology, locally-oriented agriculture, systems that promote equity, alternative sports like ultimate and rock climbing, and the natural wonder of the world.

11/8/2017: Lifelong Learning Landscapes: Recognizing All Learning Through Badges

Description: Join the Digital Badges Interest Group in a discussion about two innovative badging programs that recognize 21st century and information literacy skills. Presenters will share how badges can be used to showcase learning experiences, unlock opportunities, and prepare students for the workplace.

Amanda Rose Fuller has been working in the field of education for the last decade- starting in Tennessee, with a pit stop in Europe and finally landing in the Aurora Public Schools. Three years ago she made the move out of the classroom to join the exciting and innovative Digital Badge team. From planning professional development to coaching teachers to recognize the 21st Century Skill development in their instruction, Amanda Rose is dedicated to helping her district successfully implement the Digital Badge program to ensure all students are given access to credentials which open doors of opportunity.

Megan Heuer is the Head of Information Literacy and the Communication Arts Librarian at Southern Methodist University, where she leads the efforts to build successful information literacy programming for the libraries and serves as liaison to advertising, journalism, communications, and arts management. She developed the Temerlin Information Literacy Certificate Program that teaches information skills to advertising undergraduate students. The program is embedded in multiple courses and bears the name of the department. She also serves on the Communication Studies Committee for the ACRL Education and Behavioral Sciences Section, which is currently developing a discipline-specific version of the ACRL Framework for journalism, as well as on the Instruction Section Communications Committee. Her research interests include the transfer of information literacy skills as well as workplace information literacy.

08/23/2016: ACRL DBIG Discussion-Moving Towards Best Practices for Digital Badges


Materials: You can find the draft guidelines here


Digital Badge: a validated indicator of accomplishment, skill, quality, or interest that can be earned in many learning environments (HASTAC)

Microcredential: a credential that recognizes the acquisition of specific skills that is more granular than traditional degrees and other certifications. A digital badge can be a kind of microcredential. (Educause)

Open Badge: a visual symbol of accomplishment with baked in verifiable data and evidence that can be shared across the web (

Open Badges Infrastructure (OBI): technical infrastructure established by Mozilla Foundation in 2012 and currently maintained by IMS Global. This standard ensures interoperability across all open badge systems. (Badge Alliance)


We welcome your ideas and suggestions! Contribute your feedback for what you would like to see on this LibGuide and ideas for future meetings the Discussion page.