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Science and Technology Section (STS) 2017 Annual Conference Program: Home

Materials from the STS Annual Conference Program

OERs: Science Liaisons Strengthening the Academy with Open Resources

OERs: Science Liaisons Strengthening the Academy with Open Resources

This panel presentation will focus on OERs in academic libraries, with an emphasis on STEM. OERs are flexible and quickly can be adapted to incorporate cutting-edge research, allowing for students to recognize and engage in scientific scholarship as a conversation in real time. Panelists will describe successful examples of librarian contributions to OER development at their institutions, as well as explore avenues for growth and innovation of our roles as this field continues to evolve. This STS program is co-sponsored in-name only by the ACRL Instruction Section (IS). 

Sarah Crissinger

Davidson College

Sarah led the Davidson College OER Initiative and collaborated with faculty interested in creating and adopting open educational resources.  She also collaboratively executed a grant to educate faculty about OER across the Carolinas.  As the panel moderator, she will provide background information on OERs and discuss their associated strengths and weaknesses. 



Merinda McLure

University of Colorado Boulder

Merinda is a Health & Human Sciences Librarian and was previously also Open Educational Resources Librarian at Colorado State University. Her presentation will focus on educational and collaborative OER-related outreach to faculty, instructors, and other campus colleagues. 

Regina Gong

Lansing Community College

Regina is the OER Projects Manager at LCC and led their OER Initiative from the ground up.  In her presentation, she will provide background information on the initiative, offer strategies for administrative and faculty outreach, and describe opportunities for partnerships within and outside the institution. 


Nina Exner

North Carolina A & T State University

Nina is the Head of Researcher and Grant Support Services and educates faculty on a variety of OER topics, including dissemination requirements of sci-tech education grants.  Her presentation will focus on OER outreach, staffing, and partnerships at an R2 HBCU land grant university.