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Intersections of Scholarly Communication and Information Literacy

Example lessons, bibliography, and other supporting documents for the ACRL Intersections of Scholarly Communication and Information Literacy Roadshow.

General Information

Interested in hosting an ACRL Intersections RoadShow? This page offers some basics.To discuss dates, location, and pricing, please contact ACRL Program Officer Chase Ollis by email at or phone at (312) 280-2521. You can also visit the ACRL Intersections website for further details. 


  • One full-day workshop at the Host’s site.
  • Expert presenters to teach the workshop. ACRL will cover the expenses for presenter honorarium; presenter travel expenses will be invoiced to the hosts. 
  • Delivery of workshop handouts to be printed prior to workshop date.
  • Evaluation design and compilation for overall workshop. ACRL will provide a final evaluation summary following the workshop.
  • Reservation and support of meeting space and equipment, and printing of workshop materials. Volunteer staff as needed.
  • Reservation and purchase of presenter lodging and ensuring presenters' ground transportation.
  • Communicate regularly with presenters regarding program and logistics.
  • Catering for workshop participants and presenters, including refreshment breaks and/or meal services.
  • Management of registration process (limit participation to 100 individuals), including attendee roster, name badges, and contact information.
  • Marketing and publicity of the workshop.


Travel costs for presenters vary, depending on flight costs for the presenters based on their locations in relation to host sites, and the lodging options made available (1 or 2 nights depending on schedule and flight availability). We have found that costs for past workshops usually land in the ballpark of $800-1,200 per presenter, but can inch a bit higher on rare occasions. Because of this, we recommend a $2,000 budget total for these expenses in addition to the license fee.

You can charge attendees to help recover costs but please note, our RoadShows are not intended to serve as profitable events for the host institution.

Contact Chase Ollis by email at or phone at (312) 280-2521 for a licensing fee quote.


Specifics may vary by workshop, but generally, the following audiovisual equipment is needed for all workshops:

  • Room set with roundtables, plus head table for presenters.
  • Two wireless microphones.
  • Projector, screen, and computer (laptop or desktop).
  • Printing of handouts and other necessary documents, communicated to the hosts by the presenters prior to the workshop.

Other materials may include Post-It Notes, markers, flipcharts, dot stickers, masking tape, writing utensils, etc.


"Really got me thinking and will be applicable in my work moving forward." - Roadshow attendee 
"The worksheet and exercise on learning outcomes was very helpful." - Roadshow attendee