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University Libraries Section (ULS): About Our Discussion Groups

Public Service Directors of Large Research Libraries

This is a unique discussion group that structurally lives within ULS but is managed independently. You cannot volunteer for this group. 

As a joint discussion group with another section (ALCTS), the Public Service Directors of Large Research Libraries Discussion Group determines its own membership and activities independent of ULS as a section. The ULS vice-chair appoints a convener chosen by the group. See current discussion group roster.

In conjunction with ALCTS, "Big Heads” of Public Services discusses issues of common interest to the senior public service administrators of large research libraries. The ALA Annual and Midwinter Conferences provide a forum for the exchange of information on new developments, techniques, and problems in administering public services.

A current list of upcoming and past programs can be found on the ULS website.

The group uses the ULS Promotion Request form to promote discussion group activities on the Section's website and social media channels. The discussion group should post to the Section's email list via ALA Connect.

ALA Connect

The Public Service Directors of Large Research Libraries Discussion Group on ALA Connect: Post and find agendas, minutes, and discussion group happenings.

Please note that you will need to sign in to ALA Connect using your regular ALA web site username and password to access ACRL ULS discussion group content.