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PPIRS International Law Resources

LibGuide created for July 23, 2021 Webinar: Fundamntals of International Law: Overview of International Courts & Case Law


  • Definitions - What we mean by "international law" and other legal jargon that may come up in the session
  • International Courts & Tribunals - Authority, Jurisdiction, the courts will will (and won't) cover
  • How to find International Decisions - Hint: Lots of free web content and a few subscriptions as needed
  • Tools for your Toolkit - Reference materials, textbooks, related research guides and more!


Nadine Hoffman is a librarian at the University of Calgary. Her subject specialties include history and law, with an emphasis on natural resources and energy and environment law

Olivia Ivey is a librarian at American University. She supports the School of Public Affairs with its departments of Government; Justice, Law, and Criminology; and Public Administration.

Together, they bring a multi-national perspective to the needs of international law researchers, including faculty and students approaching the topic from legal, policy, and social science disciplines.