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Academic Library Advocacy Toolkit: Home

The toolkit provides techniques, tips, and strategies for academic library advocacy that use a variety of sources and impact factors.

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This toolkit is a curated collection of resources to equip academic library administrators and library professionals with the resources they need to advocate for the value, roles, and contributions of academic libraries to their campus communities. The toolkit was created in response to current and concrete pressures many academic libraries are facing including challenges related to budgets, workforce challenges, professional roles, and more. 

The toolkit is designed around six primary topics, along with an additional Success Stories page:  

Each page of the toolkit is associated with a single topic and includes a variety of resources including ACRL reports, books, standards & statements, tools & toolkits, workshops & roadshows, and more. 

If you have an academic library advocacy success story or suggestions for additional resources, please share via the Suggestions & Feedback Form. We will continue to build and refine this toolkit so that it can better meet the needs of academic libraries.