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Grassroots Advocacy and Librarians: Using Research Power to Make Change (PPIRS/ANSS 2019 ALA Program)

A pathfinder to accompany the ANSS-PPIRS program at ALA Washington, DC 2019

Program Introduction

PPIRS and ANSS invite you to a panel discussion examining grassroots lobbying, featuring experts who will discuss the mechanics/logistics of grassroots organizing and lobbying as well as how libraries can provide the resources and services necessary in effectively supporting initial or ongoing advocacy efforts. Participants in the program will leave with concrete information and ideas on supporting patrons interested in grassroots advocacy efforts. This program examines how librarians can help patrons in their own efforts to effect change in government and their communities.

Date & Time:
Saturday June 22, 2019, 1:00 - 2:00pm
Washington Convention Center, Room 143C


Please take a moment and give PPIRS/ANSS feedback about this program!


Panel Sponsors

This panel is sponsored by the following groups:

Program Committees

The following committee members contributed to the planning of this program and the accompanying guide.

ANSS Conference Program Planning Committee, Washington, DC, 2019

  • Thomas Diamond (chair)
  • Ilka Datig
  • Wade Kotter
  • Jill Erin Morningstar, ex-officio
  • Megan R. Griffin (staff liaison)

PPIRS Conference Program Planning Committee, Washington, DC, 2019

  • Erin Ackerman (chair)
  • Sara Arnold Garza
  • Jeremy Darrington
  • Kenya Flash
  • Angela Hackstadt
  • Megan Lounsberry
  • Kaci Resau
  • Winn Wasson
  • Elizabeth White
  • Megan R. Griffin (staff liaison)

The committees wish to acknowledge the late Lora Baldwin, co-chair of the ANSS Program Planning Committee for Washington, DC, 2019. We are grateful for her early work on planning this program and for her generosity as a colleague and friend.