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ANSS Resource Review & Bibliography

Call for articles for Spring 2022 issue and beyond:

To assure the committee continues to serve the needs of ANSS members, we ask that you forward resource review suggestions or resources questions to the committee. If you wish to write a resource review or suggest an author, include this in the information shared.

Recent Reviews (in order from newest to oldest)

Please find citation information and links to the following resource reviews below. 


Tom Durkin, Social Sciences Librarian, UW-Madison.
SAGE RESEARCH METHODS DATABASE Reviewed February 2021. see p. 8 (ANSS-Currents, Spring 2021)

Celia Emmelhainz, Anthropology and Qualitative Research Librarian, University of California, Berkeley Library
ON SCHOLARLY BOOK AWARDS IN ANTHROPOLOGY Article, September 2020. see p. 10 (ANSS-Currents, Fall 2020)

Beth South, Assistant Librarian of Access & Technical Services, Indiana University East
GETTING STARTED WITH KANOPY: FROM TRIAL TO PDA IMPLEMENTATION Reviewed September 2020. see p. 26 (ANSS-Currents, Fall 2020)

Jylisa Doney, Social Sciences Librarian, University of Idaho 
DATA.CENSUS.GOV Reviewed: September 2020. see p. 15 (ANSS-Currents, Fall 2020)

Carolyn McCallum, Cataloging Librarian for Nonprint Resources and liaison to Anthropology, Z. Smith Reynolds Library, Wake Forest University; Carol Cramer Head of Collection Management and liaison to Linguistics and Interpreting and Translation Studies Z. Smith Reynolds Library, Wake Forest University
LINGUISTICS AND LANGUAGE BEHAVIOR ABSTRACTS (LLBA) Reviewed: February 2020. see p. 14 (ANSS-Currents, Spring 2020)

Virginia A. Pierce, Public Services Librarian, South Carolina State Library 
FOLKSTREAMS: A NATIONAL PRESERVE OF AMERICAN FOLKLORE FILMS Reviewed: February 2020. see p. 11 (ANSS-Currents, Spring 2020)

Wade Kotter, Social Sciences and Music Librarian, Weber State University 
RESEARCHING ETHNOMUSICOLOGY IN MUSIC DATABASES Reviewed: August 2019. see p. 15 (ANSS-Currents, Fall 2019)

Tom Durkin Anthropology, Folklore, & Sociology Librarian University of Wisconsin-Madison
FAMILY AND SOCIETY STUDIES WORLDWIDE DATABASE (EBSCO) Reviewed: February 2019, see p. 12 (ANSS-Currents, Spring 2019) 
Publisher: EBSCO URL:
Cost: Institution-specific pricing can be obtained from EBSCO at

Helen Clements Associate Professor, Humanities & Social Sciences Division Edmon Low Library, Oklahoma State University
ACADEMIC VIDEO ONLINE (AVON) Reviewed: August-September, 2018; briefly revisited February 2019,  see p. 17 (ANSS-Currents, Spring 2019)  
Publisher: Alexander Street Press URL:
Cost: Purchase models available include one-time purchase of the entire package, or demand-driven acquisition. Inquire about consortial pricing. (Additional details below.)
Coverage Dates: Release/publication dates of videos range from before 1910 to the present; majority of the collection released from 1990 to the present

Nikki Tummon, Liaison Librarian, McGill University Library & Archives, 
INDIGENOUS CINEMA – NATIONAL FILM BOARD OF CANADA, Reviewed: August 2018, see p. 16 (ANSS-Currents, Fall 2018)
Publisher: National Film Board of Canada 
Cost: Free web access 

Diane Fulkerson, Director of Information Commons/Library Services, University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee, 
HOMELAND SECURITY DIGITAL LIBRARY Reviewed: March 2018, see p. 19  (ANSS-Currents, Fall 2018)  
Publisher: U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s National Preparedness Directorate, FEMA, and the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security. 
Cost: Access to over half the collection is free and open to the general public. The full collection is also free, but access requires an individual or organization-wide account. 

Tom Durkin, Anthropology, Folklore, & Sociology Librarian, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 
TDAR: THE DIGITAL ARCHAEOLOGICAL RECORD, Reviewed: March 2018, see p.22 (ANSS-Currents, Spring 2018) 
Publisher: Digital Antiquity (
Cost: Searching is open to any user. Downloading content is free for registered users. The database has no registration fee. Uploading new content costs $10 per file (up to 99 files) and $5 per file for uploading over 99 files. Coverage Dates: The database web site does not explicitly describe the overall coverage of the database.

Virginia Pierce, Public Services Librarian, South Carolina State Library,
Publisher: The Thomas Jefferson Foundation
Cost: Free web access
Coverage Dates: The database web site does not explicitly describe the overall coverage of the database.