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ANSS Resource Review & Bibliography

How Members Achieve ANSS-RRBC's Charge: RRBC (Resource Review & Bibliography Committee)

Twice a year the ANSS-Currents newsletter provides peer-reviewed resource reviews on indexes, databases, online-archives, and ANSS subject related resources. Suggestions for reviews come from ANSS membership, ANSS-L discussions, RRBC member suggestions, and the consultation of the list of past reviews and subjects covered. RRBC members are often authors of the reviews or suggests authors to write the reviews. 

The reviews provide insight and access to valuable tools for our collective professional lives. Many times the reviews celebrate the breadth and positives of the resources in  ANSS's fields of study; these reviews also test the resources about how the information is provided, what is needed to provide best/better access, and how the information is useful/or not useful. These reviews may also be in the form of comparison-evaluation. The reviews follow standards of review and article guidelines defined by ANSS.

Usually 5-7 members work together to discuss, suggest, plan, and peer-review the resource review articles submitted to the newsletter. Currently, the committee meets virtually at least twice-yearly and at least once-a-year at Annual. It is possible to complete most of the work online. Email and Google Docs supports the peer-review process.  As an RRBC member you make suggestions about what should be reviewed, help peer-review the articles, author brief reviews of new or changing resources, author full reviews of resources, and add to the general knowledge supporting the committee's work. Please look at the documents listed on this guide under RRBC Resources TAB for additional information. If you have questions ask a current member and/or the RRBC Chair.