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ACRL/CLS Best Practices for Virtual Meetings

Facilitator Actions

  • Debrief or conduct a meeting evaluation

    • Ask participants "what worked and what didn't" related to the meeting format and structure. Round robin feedback to allow everyone to chime in.

    • Reflect on participant feedback and propose or make adjustments for the next virtual meeting (e.g. change in participants, assign more clear meeting notes, edit ground rules, fix/improve technology).

    • Promptly send participants meeting minutes, information and/or resources requested during the meeting, including any proposals or updates regarding adjustments related to participant feedback.

Participant Actions

  • Participate in the Facilitator's request for feedback. Any and all constructive feedback is helpful in improving the next meeting.

  • Review materials sent after the meeting and prepare for the next meeting to help ensure maximum efficiency.

    • Clarify action items, owners, and deadlines from the previous meeting as needed.


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