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ACRL/EBSS Education Guides Repository

A repository to a diverse sampling of Education Research Guides for librarians that have a liaison area in Education. It is designed to provide inspiration and ideas for your own guides.


This Guide is a repository to a diverse sampling of Education Research Guides for librarians that have a liaison area in Education. It is designed to provide inspiration and ideas for your own guides.

It is organized and maintained by the ACRL EBSS Education Committee. For more information and contact info, see the Contact us box below. 

Reuse a lot of these Guides! (After seeking permission)

If you see this Reuse icon - Reuse - then that means that the Library Guide is available in Springshare's Community Guides and you can reproduce and adapt this guide to suit your context. 

As a courtesy, seek permission from the guide creator before reusing their guide. 

To reuse a Library Guide:

  1. In LibGuides Home, select Create Guide.
  2. For Choose Layout or Reuse, select Copy content/layout from an existing guide.
  3. Select the Community Guides radio button.
  4. Search for the guide you wish to reuse by Guide URL (easiest, as many guides have the same title), e.g. If you cannot find it by URL, search for it by title.
  5. Populate desired fields and select Create Guide.

Springshare copies the entire guide into your system except for database assets. Replace any applicable database assets with your institution's.

If you intend to keep the creator's written content or designs, attribute the library. Some library guides may be licensed under a Creative Commons license (we have noted in the description if any are), so for those cases, follow the attribution guidelines.

Criteria for Selection

We looked for Library Guides that inspire us to continue building up our own Guides with more resources or reorganize our layout. We looked for guides that have a:

  • Clear navigation.
  • Clear layout and visual hierarchy.
  • Combination of subscribed and freely available content, like from websites, open source journals, and repositories.
  • Combination of state-specific, nation-wide, and/or international resources.
  • Combination of resource types, like databases, books, websites, journals, etc.
  • Updated within the last two years
  • Link to contact a librarian.

Suggest a Library Guide

Did you create an awesome library guide on an education topic or stumbled across one? Suggest a guide for this repository by filling in the submission form below. You can also access the form here.

Fill out my online form.

Contact us

Please contact us regarding any inquiries.

Contact the EBSS Education Committee Chair who will forward your inquiry to the members who maintain this repository.