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Classical Studies

Scholarly resources in Classical Studies, focusing on on the Ancient Mediterranean (particularly Greece and Rome) during the Classical and Hellenistic periods. The resources are primarily freely available and have undergone an evaluation process.

About this guide

This guide is a list of scholarly resources in Classical Studies, curated and managed by members of the European Studies Section (ESS) of the Association of College & Research Libraries. While intended primarily for librarians, it may also be useful to scholars in this field. Users are free to copy and edit content from this guide for their own purposes.

Visit the European Studies Section (ESS website for more information on ESS. For additional resources, see the list of ESS subject guides. For questions about the guide or if you are interested in contributing, contact one of the ESS Classics Studies guide editors: Michael Kicey or Catherine Minter.

Note: WESSWeb pages are no longer active but have been archived. Contact a Web Administrator for more information.