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ACRL RoadShow Presenter Toolkit: Research Data Management

Resources for ACRL RoadShow presenters.

Host Correspondence

Promotional Materials

Outside Resources

Publications About the Workshop

The Data Engagement Opportunities Scaffold: Development and Implementation. By Abigail Goben and Megan Sapp Nelson in Journal of eScience Librarianship 2018 March:7(2): e1128.

Engaging Liaison Librarians: Identifying Impact of an Research Data Management Educational Intervention. By Megan Sapp Nelson and Abigail Goben in International Federation of Library Associations. Kuala Lumpur. August 2018. 

The ACRL Research Data Management Roadshow. By Abigail Goben and Megan Sapp Nelson in  College and Research Library News. July/August 2018:78(7);354-357.

Other Resources