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Scholarly Communication Toolkit: ACRL Workshop: Research Data Management

About the Workshop

Research data management has emerged as a need among academic researchers and librarians are building skills in response. This one-day workshop will assist liaisons to identify their existing skills and mindsets that transfer to research data management services and then create a learning plan for the RDM specific knowledge needed to serve their subject disciplines. Contact ACRL Program Officer Chase Ollis at or 800/545-2433 ext. 2521 to discuss dates and locations, pricing, and complete workshop details.

Handouts, presentation slides and other materials from workshops are posted below and may be used by librarians to enhance their own knowledge or to adapt for workshops offered at their own campuses.

Workshops by Abigail Goben and Megan Sapp Nelson

Course materials for these instructors in the column below.

Contact your instructors:

Abigail Goben  

Megan Sapp Nelson