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Scholarly Communication Toolkit: Scholarly Publishing

Overview of Scholarly Publishing

In its more than 350-year history, scholarly publishing has evolved from formal publication of discoveries by elite members of academic societies to open dissemination of scholarly research through new technological platforms that are increasingly subject to new and emerging forms of peer review and measured for impact by traditional and alternative metrics.

In the course of scholarly publishing's history, issues have arisen concerning the economic sustainability of publishing's business model, how journals should be evaluated, and their impact measured. Libraries have been at the forefront in proposing solutions and developing means for addressing these issues. The library responses and actions are described throughout the Toolkit.

Within this section, you will find coverage of the following topics:

Scholarly Publishing Organizations

Below are links to several organizations representing scholarly publishers. These organizations frequently provide webinars, handouts, and other opportunities to engage further with the topic of scholarly publishing.

Journals on Scholarly Publishing