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Scholarly Communication Toolkit: Public Access & Funder Mandates

Public Access Mandates Explained

In 2008, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) adopted a policy requiring all NIH funded research to be deposited within 12 months of publication into the repository PubMedCentral. In 2013, the White House, through the Office of Science and Technology Policy, issued an executive directive mandating that U.S. Government agencies with annual extramural research and development expenditures over $100 million make the results of taxpayer-funded research—both articles and data—be made freely available to the general public with the goal of accelerating scientific discovery and fueling innovation. Those agencies have begun adopting and issuing plans for the deposit of scholarly articles and data into openly accessible repositories. Similarly, a few states and several private funders have proposed and enacted legislation and policies mandating public access of funded resesearch. Libraries providing support to faculty and researchers subject to these mandates can use this as an opportunity to discuss author's rights and open access with authors and the importance and impact of retaining rights to one's own work as well as ensuring the widest reach and impact of scholarship.

Public Access Mandates - Resources and Readings

Examples of Library Public Access Info Web Pages