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ACRL Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Online Learning

Information and resources on equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI).

ACRL Online Forums

ACRL membership groups host free, periodic Online Discussion Forums on a range of topics, including diversity, equity and inclusion. 

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Stay current on library trends and discover more about where the field is headed with free ACRL-Choice webinars. Industry experts lead these sponsored, 60-minute interactive presentations, which cover topics like digital publishing, research trends, and open access. These webinars are paid sponsorship opportunities. The products, services, and opinions presented in them do not constitute a Choice, ACRL, or ALA endorsement of any kind.

September 2019
  • LGBTQ History—Supporting Diversity in Research and Teaching, and Why It Matters, Thursday, September 19, 2019 at 2:00pm ET : During this session, Professor Nancy C. Unger will discuss her experiences teaching and researching LGBTQ history. She will provide historical context for today’s issues and explore current research trends, online databases, and the wider cultural significance of LGBTQ and diversity studies. In 2007, Prof. Unger wrote in the Journal of American History that her motivation to teach LGBTQ history began in 1986 when a student wrote a review of John D’Emilio’s Sexual Politics, Sexual Communities and noted, “As a gay man, I didn’t know I had a history.” She’s been teaching “Gays/Lesbians in U.S. History” since 2002.
October 2019
  • Telling the American Story with the U.S. Census, Tuesday, October 1, 2019 at 2:00pm ET: Teaching with Real Data: Census data tells the American story. By exploring how the United States has changed—and is changing—students and researchers are not only able to examine large demographic and geographic shifts, but also intimate personal histories and changing neighborhoods. How have Harlem’s demographics shifted since 1900? Which cities saw the greatest demographic change due to the Great Migration? Where have traditional immigrant communities thrived, and where are more recent immigrants choosing to settle?

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