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ACRL Liaisons to Professional Associations: Major Issues, Talking Points, and Resources

Main Talking Points

  • Discuss why it’s important to save & share data.
  • Address concerns of privacy – anonymizing of data
  • Importance of locating a data repository that aligns with the research.
  • How do you back up your data?
  • File formats: how to have data in a format that can easily be shared and handle issues of interoperability and migration of formats.
  • Importance of good metadata to increase findability of research data. 
  • Not sure where to deposit your data? Academic librarians can assist you in locating data repositories right for your research.
  • As librarians we work with information in many forms, including data.
  • Data lifecycles vary a great deal, and library oversight of data can help preserve those data for the full stretch of tme they may be needed

Additional Resources

Management and curation of data is a growing focus in academic libraries and provides opportunities for  librarians to partner with campus colleagues in order to leverage existing data sources, including curriculum vitae analysis, publication citation analysis, institutional faculty records, tenure/promotion records, and records of individual faculty members’ library behaviors, including records of faculty/librarian research collaborations.

  1. How to talk to researchers about data management
  2. Overview of best practices for data management
  3. E-Science Talking Points for ARL Deans & Directors  has excellent summaries and talking points librarians can use as well.
  4. DMP Tool: : overview of funder requirements and helpful in demystifying the data management process.
  5. Registry of research data repositories. Helps to understand the options for depositing and locating data. 
  6. ICPSR Data Management & Curation page: - focuses on data at ICPSR but applicable to more general areas of data management.
  7. UK Data Archive:

Managing & Sharing Data document covers most of what researchers need to know:

8.   Primer on Data Management:

9. 23 Things: Libraries for Research Data:

10. Erway, R. & Rinehart, A. (2016). If You Build it , Will tey Fund? Making Rsearch Data Management Sustainable. Dublin, Ohio. OCLC Research