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College & Research Libraries Guide for Authors & Reviewers

Reviewing Criteria & Author Feedback

Peer reviewers are in unique position to contribute to the evolution of professional knowledge and emerging scholarship in academic libraries.  College & Research Libraries​ encourages them to uphold the standards of quality and professionalism by: identifying rigorous and impactful research and original practices; and providing thoughtful, candid assessment on the article to authors that will help them develop the article and, through that civil yet critical feedback, their own research and writing skills. 

Reviewers have several guiding questions that they consider in review of a manuscript:

  • Does the manuscript make a new contribution to the literature?
  • Is the method used appropriate to the subject?
  • Does the evidence presented support the hypothesis?
  • Does the author communicate clearly with an educated, yet not necessarily specialized, audience?
  • Does the literature review place the research or opinions in perspective?