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ACRL/EBSS Scholarly Communication Committee

ACRL Scholarly Communication Toolkit

The ACRL Scholarly Communication Toolkit was initially launched in 2005 by the ACRL Research and Scholarly Environment Committee (formerly the Scholarly Communication Committee) to support advocacy efforts designed to transform the scholarly communication landscape.

The toolkit is an educational resource primarily directed to librarians to assist them with:

  1. integrating a scholarly communication perspective into library operations and programs and
  2. preparing presentations on scholarly communication issues for administrators, faculty, staff, students, or other librarians.

From: Accessed 4/30/2019

Mission / Charge

The EBSS Scholarly Communication Committee seeks the following:

  • To advance ACRL's scholarly communication agenda to disciplines represented in EBSS;
  • To work in partnership with ACRL, other library organizations, and other higher education organizations to develop or support their scholarly communication agendas;
  • To assess the state of discipline-specific needs and to formulate an agenda specific to disciplines represented in EBSS;
  • To develop programming and tools to educate and support EBSS members and other librarians working with faculty on related institutional initiatives. (From:, accessed 8/10/2017)

Committee Member Roster and Contact Information

To contact the EBSS Scholarly Communication Committee, find contact information for the current chair and the roster of members, see the ACRL EBSS SC directory page: