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ACRL Academic Library Services for Graduate Students Interest Group: Notable Works 2021

Programming Information for ACRL's Academic Library Services for Graduate Students Interest Group.

About the list

The Notable Works for Library Support of Graduate Students Working Group thank everyone for their nominations to our innaugural annual Notable Works List.

Our goal is to recognize and showcase excellent professional contributions that inform the work of library colleagues who support graduate students.  Submissions included projects and publications by library workers or by researchers in related fields who shed light on important elements of serving graduate students.

Categories of work considered included: 

  • Journal articles / Conference proceedings / Books / Book Chapters
  • Websites
  • Library resources / Research guides
  • Digital learning objects / Tutorials / Instruction videos
  • Conference program / Presentation / Panel
  • Media / Multimedia / Video

The Notable Works for Library Support of Graduate Students Working Group is:

  • Abbie Basile (Chair), Engineering & Physical Sciences Librarian, Old Dominion University
  • Victor Baeza (Vice Chair), Graduate Initiatives and Engagement Coordinator, Oklahoma State University
  • Anne Melville (Recorder), Education Librarian, George Mason University
  • Mandy Havert, Head of Research Services, University of Notre Dame
  • Geoff Johnson, Graduate Teaching and Learning Librarian, University of Colorado Denver
  • Mark Lenker, Teaching & Learning Librarian, University of Nevada Las Vegas

Notable Works

Notable Works (in no particular order)

Judith E. Pasek and Jennifer Mayer. (2019). Education Needs in Research Data Management for Science-Based Disciplines: Self-Assessment Surveys of Graduate Students and Faculty at Two Public Universities. Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship.

From the working group: This article discusses research that explored graduate and faculty perspectives on research data management needs. It provides a thorough discussion of the research methodology, its limitations, and findings that should prove helpful to other librarians in their support of data services and related needs.

Michael Harris and Meredith Boulden. (2020, Dec.). Dissertation Writers Resources. The University of Memphis University Libraries Research Guides.

From the working group: This libguide contains a helpful mix of practical, instructional resources that doctoral students can use for their dissertation writing process. The mix of text, videos, and links provides a strong model that can be easily adapted by other libraries. The authors provide a realistic yet encouraging take on the challenges of writing a dissertation.

Carrie Forbes and Peggy Keeran (Eds.). (2020). Academic Library Services for Graduate Students: Supporting Future Academics and Professionals. ABC-CLIO.

From the working group: Using case studies to examine graduate student needs in four areas, this book recognizes that graduate students do not fit into a one size fits all mold. Through concrete examples and easily adapted ideas, the authors provide insight on how to meet the individual needs of graduate students.

Adelia Grabowsky and Liza Weisbrod. (2020). The effectiveness of library instruction for graduate/professional students: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Evidence Based Library & Information Practice.

From the working group: This focused systematic review and meta-analysis provides a thorough review and methodology around the need for information literacy instruction to support graduate students. The paper identifies gaps in research and directions for future researchers to consider investigating to strengthen the profession's understanding of outcomes and impacts with graduate student instruction.

Hilary Bussell, Jessica Hagman, and Christopher S. Guder. (2017). Research needs and learning format preferences of graduate students at a large public university: An exploratory study. College & Research Libraries.

From the working group: By developing a needs-assessment survey based on the findings of focus groups, this mixed-methods study provides a clear picture of the learning preferences of different segments of the graduate student population at Ohio University. With an excellent conclusion on the need for library-campus partnerships, this study could be adapted by other institutions with very little tweaking.

Yu-Hui Chen. (2018). Faculty/librarian collaborations enhance doctoral student success: Strategies for retention and graduation. College & Research Libraries News.

From the working group: This journal article provides a complete, replicable way of assessing dissertation support strengths within a college or university. It further documents how to provide a useful course of action to outline practical, real-life experience and pathways to success.

Bonnie L. Fong. (2017). An exploration of changing dissertation requirements and library services to support them. portal: Libraries and the Academy.

From the working group: Fong's research provides much needed context for identifying ways for libraries to support graduate students in the dissertation process. Variability across disciplines creates a space for customizing library programming and this article helps guide library work to meet those needs.

Also Noteworthy (in no particular order)

Kimberly Reycraft & Gaby Whiteman. (2020). Information sources in environmental science: A citation analysis of master's theses at Florida Gulf Coast University. Science & Technology Libraries.

Tina Budzise-Weaver, Kathy Christie Anders, and Stephen Bales. (2020). Matters of scale: Small-scale intensive outreach to graduate students. Public Services Quarterly.

Katie Glaeser. (2021). Advanced Research & Doctoral Dissertation. Knight-Capron Library | Library Instruction Modules.

Adelia Grabowsky and Juliet Rumble. (2018). Assessing the user needs of STEM graduate students: A comparative analysis. Proceedings of the 2018 Library Assessment Conference — Building Effective, Sustainable, Practical Assessment.

Mark Clemente, Ben Gorham, and Daniela Solomon. (2020, June). Research impact challenge. Kelvin Smith Library Research Guides.

Hilary Bussell, Jennifer Schnabel, and Amanda K. Rinehart. (2020). Meeting graduate student needs: An exploration of disciplinary differences. Public Services Quarterly.

Bonnie Fong. (2019). Boot Camps for Graduate Student Success: A collaborative initiative. Journal of Library Administration.