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ACRL Academic Library Services for Graduate Students Interest Group: "Listen and Discuss" Webcasts

Programming Information for ACRL's Academic Library Services for Graduate Students Interest Group.

"Listen and Discuss" Series

Virtual panels and presentations on topics of interest to libraries supporting graduate students.

Want to suggest a topic?  Contact the Convener or Incoming Convener for the interest group (contact info is on the "Home" tab).


Online Library Services for Graduate Students

Our panelists discussed the following projects:

Allan Cho (allan.cho@ubc.cashared how the libraries at UBC are using github

Nancy Garmer (ngarmer@fit.edubrought up the Evans Library GradTrack Guide at FIT:

Mandy Havert (mhavert@nd.edushared a link to a “getting to know the libraries” checklist that is provided to Notre Dame Graduate Students:

Anne Melville (

Matt Ogborn (matt.ogborn@asu.edudiscussed a tutorial created in Rise in collaboration with a colleague: "Library 501: What Grad Students Need to Know about the Library"

Supporting Graduate Students as Emerging Scholars

"Ask a Grad Student" Panel, April 30, 2019, 3 pm to 4 pm Central

Planning, Creating, and Evaluating Library Spaces for Graduate Students on November 30, 2018