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Science and Technology Section (STS): Elections


The STS Secretary is an officer of the section and a member of the STS Executive Committee.  The duties of the STS Secretary are detailed below.


1. Serves as an officer of the section, and assists in advancing the goals and objectives of the section and ACRL.

2. Prior to the Annual and Midwinter meetings, reviews STS Manual and Governance Procedures. As a member of the Executive Committee, attends and takes minutes at STS Council meetings and Executive Committee meetings during Annual and Midwinter Conferences. Reminds Council members to send copies of any reports for inclusion in the Council meeting minutes. If possible, also attends STS Council meetings at the Annual Conference immediately preceding taking office. Prior to Annual and Midwinter meetings creates and distributes table signs, displaying full name and STS positions held, for all Council members and known guests for the Council I and II meetings.  Also creates table tent signs for committee names for those that take place in the All-committees meeting.  Takes responsibility to insure that committee name signs are in place on tables in the venue of the All-committees meeting a minimum of 10 minutes before the meeting, to assure ease of location of their tables by committee co-chairs and members.  This responsibility can be delegated to a meeting attendee.

3. Takes attendance at STS Council and Business meetings by creating and circulating a sign-in sheet including name, institutional affiliation, e-mail address and phone number of Council members. Requests necessary corrections to sign-in sheet. Guest attendees should be invited to add information to the sign-in sheet and to indicate whether attendee is an STS member or if he or she is interested in serving on an STS Committee.

4. Distributes minutes to: STS Council members, ACRL Office, any other interested persons requesting them.  Posts Council minutes on ALA Connect pages for STS membership and Council. 

5. Track applications for virtual meetings, set up virtual meetings for Council with the ACRL staff liaison, and serve as resource for virtual STS committee meetings. 

In addition to the functions and responsibilities listed above, the STS Secretary should consult the STS Master Calendar.


Month Responsibilities
Immediately following Annual Conference Begin term of office at the close of the final day of the Annual Conference.