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ACRL/EBSS Scholarly Communication Committee

Resources from the Event

References from the presentation:

  • Hawkins, M.A., & Rezazade, M.H. (2012). Knowledge boundary spanning process: synthesizing four spanning mechanisms. Management Decision, 50(10), 1800-1815. doi:10.1108/00251741211279611 
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  • Walz, A., & Farley, J.P. (2021). Slides and supporting documentation/forms from Boundary Spanners: Bridging Gaps Between Higher Education and PreK12. Presented at the 2021 Open Education Conference. 

Resources about boundary spanning within education & behavioral sciences (communication studies, education, psychology, and social work)

  • Oliver, C. (2013). Social workers as boundary spanners: Reframing our professional identity for interprofessional practice. Social Work Education, 32(6), 773–784. Doi: 10.1080/02615479.2013.765401
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  • Wegemer, C.M., & Renick, J. (2021). Boundary spanning roles and power in educational partnerships. AERA Open, 7. doi: 10.1177/23328584211016868

Other recommendations