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ACRL Diversity Alliance: How to Join

Resources for ACRL Diversity Alliance residency coordinators.



Benefits to Institutions
  • Participation in an effort to improve the pipeline of diverse individuals who will compete for academic and research library jobs.
  • Access to other Alliance institution's and coordinator's insights, job postings, and residency rotation schedules.
  • Receive annually a digital badge to be placed on the institution’s website, recognizing its commitment to the Alliance’s principles.
  • Attract a more diverse candidate pool, by including language in job postings that the institution is part of the Alliance.
  • ACRL provides an annual complimentary ACRL professional development webinar for residents.
  • Members receive a complimentary upgrade on ALA JobLIST residency ads.

Become a Member!

How to Join the ACRL Diversity Alliance?

Joining the ACRL Diversity Alliance requires just two things:

  1. An annual commitment to the principles of the program as noted above, signed by the library director/dean. Any institutions whose library dean/director signs a letter committing to these principles are eligible for participation/membership in the ACRL Diversity Alliance.
  2. A $500 fee to support the program.

To join, download the ACRL Diversity Alliance Letter of Commitment and Invoice and return the completed forms to

You can also send payment and the ACRL Diversity Alliance Letter of Commitment to:

ACRL Diversity Alliance
Attn: Allison Payne
225 N Michigan Ave, Suite 1300
Chicago, IL 60601
Telephone: (312) 280-2519

ACRL Diversity Alliance badges will be delivered to participating institutions upon receipt of the letter of commitment and payment of annual fees.

Membership Fee

The fee for the Diversity Alliance is set by the ACRL Board of Directors as recommended by the Diversity Alliance Task Force. The fee is $500, paid annually by calendar year, and partially offsets administrative costs for the program. The ACRL Diversity Alliance Program requires annual commitments by individual institutions and consortial pricing is not available.


"As a residency program coordinator, I’m pleased to support the mission and goals of the ACRL Diversity Alliance. The collaborative nature of the Alliance serves as an important model for the librarian profession as it works to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion."

- Leo Agnew, Director, HR and Diversity Programs, University of Iowa Libraries

University of Iowa Main Library