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Social Work Liaison Toolkit


Social work is an interdisciplinary field which intersects such contrasting fields as psychology, sociology, public policy, health care, education, and other disciplines. It is the hope of the EBSS Social Work Committee that this toolkit will provide useful information for both social work liaisons and social work researchers. The toolkit is organized by source types.

Most resources included here are freely available, unless otherwise indicated.

If you have questions or suggestions please contact the current ACRL EBSS Social Work Committee Co-Chairs:

Yali Feng

Maureen Barry

Or complete this short form - Feedback for the Social Work Liaison Toolkit.


Latest revision:  May 2021 by 2020-2021 EBSS Social Work Committee Members: Maureen Barry, Olivia Given Castello, Yali Feng, Carin Graves, Sarah Johnson, Stephen Maher, Scott Marsalis, Thomas Weeks

Thanks to the previous toolkit contributors (June 2014): Karen Hartman, Laura Koltutsky, Anne Larrivee, Sara Memmott, Adina Mulliken, Kimberly Pendell, Deborah Schaeffer, Sue Wortman