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University Libraries Section (ULS): About Our Discussion Groups


The Campus Administration and Leadership Discussion Group provides a forum for discussion and presentations on current topics of interest related to campus administration and library leaders.


The Campus Administration and Leadership Discussion Group usually has two members. See current discussion group roster.

ALA Connect

The Campus Administration and Leadership Discussion Group on ALA Connect: Post and find agendas, minutes, and committee happenings.

Please note that you will need to sign in to ALA Connect using your regular ALA web site username and password to access ACRL ULS committee content.


Plan agendas for discussion group meetings at ALA Midwinter and Annual Conferences by determining topic and format. Agendas for previous conference meetings have included a call sent out on relevant e-mail distribution lists for proposals to present a topic and lead a discussion, optionally followed by a convener-led group discussion. Topics discussed include the issues of librarians who are increasingly involved in all aspects of higher education (accreditation, curriculum planning, student and academic support services, computer services, funding, etc.) and who hold positions or are interested in university-level campus administration.

The conveners serve as the moderator for the Campus Administration and Leadership Discussion Group e-mail list.

The committees use this online form to submit requests for promotion of committee and discussion group activities.