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Health Sciences Interest Group Resources

Membership List

Nursing Information Literacy Framework Working Group membership (2018-2024):

  • Bethany S. McGowan (co-chair), MLIS, MS, AHIP; Associate Professor and Health Sciences Information Specialist, Purdue University,

  • Laureen P. Cantwell (co-chair), MSLIS; Head of Access Services & Outreach, Colorado Mesa University,

  • Jamie Conklin, MSLIS; Health Sciences Librarian & Liaison to Nursing, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,

  • Francesca Frati, BFA, MLIS; Assistant Librarian, McGill University Libraries,

  • Shannon Johnson, MLS; Director Library Academic Services, Purdue Fort Wayne, 

  • Sandra C. McCarthy, MLIS, MA, AHIP; Faculty Librarian, Washtenaw Community College, 

  • Julie Planchon Wolf, MLIS; Research & Instruction/Nursing & Health Studies Librarian, University of Washington Bothell & Cascadia College,

  • Rebecca Raszewski, MS, AHIP; Associate Professor & Information Services & Liaison Librarian, University of Illinois  Chicago,

  • Maribeth Slebodnik, BSN, MLS; Research & Learning Librarian, University of Arizona Health Sciences Library, Tucson, AZ, USA

Projects and Publications


We are working on drafting the ACRL companion document.


The new AACN Essentials were published in April 2021. There was a one year delay in publishing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are working on drafting the ACRL companion document.

Upon completion the document draft will be submitted to the current ACRL HSIG convener for an initial review and revised as needed. Several additional rounds of revisions will proceed, see the checklist for details.

Article published:

  • Cantwell, L. P., McGowan, B. S., Planchon Wolf, J., Slebodnik, M., Conklin, J. L., McCarthy, S., & Raszewski, R. (2021). Building a bridge: A review of information literacy in nursing education. The Journal of Nursing Education, 60 (8), 431–436.

May 2021 - We received the Ida and George Eliot Prize "for furthering medical librarianship" for our article linked below. The award was presented at the Medical Library Association annual meeting:


In 2020, we spent the first half of the year interviewing librarians, analyzing the data generated from librarian feedback, and contemplating the impact of the forthcoming AACN Essentials draft document. We are comparing several standards that will aid us in drafting the companion document.

Article published:


We've spent much of 2019 analyzing the information we gathered in 2018.

We began 2019 by dividing the working group—one sub-group analyzed the data generated from the nursing faculty surveys and the other conducted a comprehensive literature review. Our preliminary findings were presented to librarians at the 2019 Medical Library Association Meeting in Chicago, IL and via a webinar sponsored by the ACRL Information Literacy Frameworks and Standards Committee titled, "Virtual Discussion Forum: Developing Disciplinary Companion Documents to the ACRL Framework."

And, to help more widely share our findings we decided to publish in journals with target audiences of librarians and nurses. We submitted a research article to the Journal of the Medical Library Association, which was accepted for publication in December 2019; and a narrative literature review is currently being edited and prepared for submission to the Journal of Nursing Education.

We are currently on Steps 6/7 of the ACRL Checklist for Developing and Reviewing Framework Companion Documents: (6) consult with subject specific library associations and (7) consult with related faculty and associations.

To address step 6, we are launching a survey for librarians who work with nurse educators and have been invited by the ACRL HSIG to host a webinar, both in early 2020. We have also submitted an update on our working group’s progress, with a call for comments, for publication in the February 2020 edition of the ACRL: College and Research Library News. A similar update was published in the October 2019 Medical Library Association: Nursing and Allied Health Resources & Services Newsletter (in PDF format). These are great opportunities to share our progress and solicit librarian feedback.

To address step 7, we are tracking the progress of the American Association of Colleges of Nurses’ Essentials Revision Task Force and await their forthcoming draft of revised nursing Essentials.


We spent much of  2018 gathering information. We conducted a literature review to better understand how nursing faculty approach information literacy instruction. The findings from the review were then used to design a survey for nursing faculty, which we launched at each of our 10 institutions.