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Science and Technology Section (STS): About Our Committees

Whether you are a chair, committee member, or prospective member, this is your go-to resource for information about STS committees

Getting Started

1. Assume responsibility for the work of the committee immediately after the ALA Annual conference (all committee appointments begin at that time). The first required meeting for all members is typically the mid-year meeting following the appointment. If a member is absent for two meetings, they may be removed from the committee roster.

2. Make arrangements with the outgoing chair to discuss the work and direction of the committee and any specific responsibilities that have been assumed by members (this should be done at or around the time of the Annual Conference, if possible. It is recommended that Program Planning Committee Chairs do this by the mid-year (18 mos. before program).

3. Make arrangements to have archival material transferred from the outgoing chair.

4. Be ready to make suggestions to the vice-chair/chair-elect for committee appointments.

5. Check Co-Chair & Committee Communication Good Practices for additional suggestions to prepare for co-chair responsibilities.

Specific Responsibilities

1. Maintain a roster of all current committee members, with contact information.

2. Chair committee meetings at Annual and during mid-year meetings.

3. Approximately one month before a meeting, send the meeting time, location, agenda, and a copy of the past minutes of the meeting, to all current and incoming members of your committee.  Meeting agendas should also be sent to ACRL two weeks before the meeting.

4. Make sure each new committee member and each current committee member who wants to continue a second term fills out the online Volunteer Form.

5. Report on committee activities at meetings of the STS Council.

6. Submit meeting time and space needs to the STS chair.

7. Prepare a summary (minutes) of the committee meetings(s). You may use an ACRL Meeting Highlights form for this purpose. Send a copy of your meeting summary to the STS secretary and the ACRL Program Officer within one month after the meetings.

8. After mid-year and Annual meetings, submit report to STS Signal on committee actions.

9. Be ready to make suggestions to the vice-chair/chair-elect for committee appointments.

10. Turn in budget reimbursement forms for committee expenses.

11. At end of term as chair, sends thank-you letters to committee members.

Committee Meetings

1. Start on time.
2. If there is no secretary, ask one member to take minutes.
3. Start a sign-up sheet. Ask all attendees to sign name and institutional address as well as indicate whether they are members or visitors. Have members correct any erroneous information on the Committee Roster.
4. Ask for self-introductions of all in attendance.
5. Call for approval of minutes of the last meeting.
6. Make announcements.
7. Review the committee's charge.
8. Discuss agenda items. Call for reports from members. Try to have enough copies of all documents for all those present. Keep the discussion focused. Establish time constraints, if necessary, for each agenda item.
9. Summarize discussion. Set action items and make individual assignments. Establish deadlines for correspondence or other reports. Develop preliminary agenda for next meeting.
10. Set date and time of next meeting.
11. Close meeting.