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ACRL Appointments Committee: Committee Volunteer Information: External Liaisons Committee

Those interested in volunteering for an ACRL Division-Level Committee will find all the information they need to research committee options, including the work of each committee and the time commitments expected for volunteers.


Oversees and coordinates the ACRL liaison relationship activities across all levels of the association; establishes and manages processes of establishing liaison relationships and provides common guidelines for appointing liaisons to the ACRL units managing liaison relationships; assesses effectiveness of the liaison program and makes recommendations for its improvement; communicates assessment findings with board and future directions for the liaison program; provides training and resource materials for liaisons including suggestions for communicating the results of liaison work to ACRL membership.

The grants working group manages liaison program support budget; establishes and manages competitive processes for liaisons to apply for funding for specific liaison activities over a defined period of time with a focus on assessable outcomes.

Committee Information

What is the main work of the committee?

Appoints and provides support for liaisons from ACRL to external professional associations to encourage cross-collaboration and deeper involvement of those groups in ACRL

What are the busy times of year for the committee?

March, April, August, September

On average, what time commitment does being a member of the committee require?

2-4 hours per month

What skills or expertise would be valuable in a member of the committee?

Interest/experience in awarding funding, interest/experience educational programming, interest/experience in outreach and engagement strategies, interest/experience in working in professional associations outside of ACRL.

Is there anything else someone thinking of volunteering for the committee should know?

Of all the ACRL activities, this committee's work was greatly affected by COVID. So there is need-- and enthusiasm-- and work to be done to jumpstart the work of external liaisons. Helping the liaisons navigate travel/conference post-pandemic.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of the committee’s work, from your perspective?

Giving people money is extremely satisfying! Reading about people's ideas about engaging with external organizations and being able to help them do it.


Questions answered by 2021-2022 Chair/Co-Chair