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ACRL Appointments Committee: Committee Volunteer Information: Professional Values Committee

Those interested in volunteering for an ACRL Division-Level Committee will find all the information they need to research committee options, including the work of each committee and the time commitments expected for volunteers.

What is the main work of this committee?

To provide support and guidance to the ACRL Board regarding the professional principles and values of academic and research librarians; to engage ACRL members in sustaining and enhancing efforts to promote the ethics, intellectual freedom, and other principles and values; to develop informational and training materials that educate librarians and the public about the nature of and issues involved in ethics and intellectual freedom; to develop standards, policies, and policy statements for ACRL and contribute to revisions of the ALA Code of Ethics, the Library Bill of Rights, and the Intellectual Freedom Manual; to work with the ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom, the ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee, and the ALA Committee on Professional Ethics to coordinate and advance ethics and intellectual freedom issues of interest to academic librarians and libraries; and to collaborate with the liaisons to the ALA Professional Ethics and Intellectual Freedom Committees who also serve as members of the Committee.

What are the busy times of year for your committee?

The Professional Values Committee is busiest during the months of March, April, June, and October. 

On average, what time commitment does being a member of your committee require?

On average, a member of the Professional Values Committee can expect to spend 0-2 hours per month working assignments/tasks/projects. 

What skills or expertise would be valuable in a member of your committee?

Topically specific program planning would be very useful for the committee.

Is there anything else someone thinking of volunteering for your committee should know?

This committee does not take up a lot of time each month, unless you are planning a session for ALA/ACRL or a webinar. In which case, it may take 3-4 hours per month.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of the committee’s work, from your perspective?

The members of the ACRL CPV are all part of a great community--join us!

Is there anything else someone thinking of volunteering for your committee should know?