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ACRL Appointments Committee: Committee Volunteer Information: Membership Committee

Those interested in volunteering for an ACRL Division-Level Committee will find all the information they need to research committee options, including the work of each committee and the time commitments expected for volunteers.


To advise ACRL staff on matters related to membership promotion and member recruitment, engagement, and retention.

Committee Information

What is the main work of the committee?

Getting the word out about ACRL opportunities and planning the ACRL 101 session

What are the busy times of year for the committee?

Mostly fall is the busy time for the Membership Committee.

On average, what time commitment does being a member of the committee require?

0-2 hours per month

What skills or expertise would be valuable in a member of the committee?

Project management and presenting skills are valuable, but also being a good spokesperson for ACRL is helpful.  

Is there anything else someone thinking of volunteering for the committee should know?

Enthusiasm is important for our work.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of the committee’s work, from your perspective?

Planning ACRL 101-- there's a tangible outcome from the committee's work.

Questions answered by 2021-2022 Chair/Co-Chair