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ACRL Appointments Committee: Committee Volunteer Information: Section Membership Committee

Those interested in volunteering for an ACRL Division-Level Committee will find all the information they need to research committee options, including the work of each committee and the time commitments expected for volunteers.

What is the name of the ACRL committee on which you are reporting?

Section Membership Committee

What is the main work of your committee?

Discussing ways to engage ACRL members and communicating with new, reinstated and dropped members.

What are the busy times of year for your committee?

March and November

On average, what time commitment does being a member of your committee require?

0-2 hours per month

What skills or expertise would be valuable in a member of your committee?

Willingness to share and engage with new ideas.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of the committee’s work, from your perspective?

Meeting people from other sections.

Is there anything else someone thinking of volunteering for your committee should know?

Engaging with members of ACRL from different sections.