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University Libraries Section (ULS): Executive Committee

Procedures and goals for members of the ULS Executive Committee, including the chair, vice-chair, past-chair, secretary, committee chairs, discussion group conveners, and members-at-large.

Responsibilities of ULS members-at-large

Members-at-large are elected and serve three-year terms, with two new members elected each year. Each year, ULS has six members-at-large. See the current ULS Executive Committee roster.

The role of members-at-large varies from year to year. You might be assigned special projects or appointed to ad-hoc committees. Be flexible and proactive, volunteering to contribute as opportunities arise.

It's likely that in August and September, under the direction of the ULS vice-chair, you'll be asked to review emerging leader proposals and score applicants on a matrix. The ULS chair receives the results and submits our selection(s) to ALA.