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University Libraries Section (ULS): Executive Committee

Procedures and goals for members of the ULS Executive Committee, including the chair, vice-chair, past-chair, secretary, committee chairs, discussion group conveners, and members-at-large.

About the ULS Executive Committee

The ULS Executive Committee represents the leadership of the section and is crucial to all the work of the section. Leaders on this committee guide what we do and how we can do better. They run committees and facilitate discussion groups, create and disband existing groups, initiate new work, and collaborate within the larger structures of ALA and ACRL.

See current ULS Executive Committee roster.

How to use this guide

This guide gives members of the ULS Executive Committee the information needed to successfully participate. If you are interested in a leadership position within ULS, this is a great place to find out what it involves.

For governance procedures information, including our relationship to the ACRL Board of Directors, our elections process, and more, see the ULS Bylaws

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