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University Libraries Section (ULS): Executive Committee

Procedures and tips for members of the ULS Executive Committee, including the chair, vice-chair, past-chair, secretary, committee chairs, discussion group conveners, and members-at-large.

Primary responsibilities of ULS vice-chair/chair-elect

  • Serve as a leader of ULS and assist in advancing the goals and objectives of ULS and ACRL.
  • Work and collaborate with the ULS chair and past-chair on ULS activities and initiatives, including planning the programs and projects that the section will pursue during your year as chair.
  • Represent ULS on the ACRL Leadership Council and Communities of Practice Assembly.

Appointing committee and discussion group members

Your most time-intensive responsibility is appointments in the spring:

  • Appoint a Conference Program Planning Committee (usually in late January or early February, per ACRL's instructions each year), which is responsible for planning the section's program at the Annual Conference during your year as chair. Either appoint yourself as chair of that committee or appoint a separate chair (and appoint yourself as a member). If you are not available to serve on the committee, ensure that you are available to answer questions. 
  • Appoint a Nominating Committee (usually in late January or early February, per ACRL's instructions each year), collaborating closely with the ULS past-chair who chairs the nominating committee, to identify committee members.
  • Appoint candidates to fill vacancies on all ULS committees (currently ten) and discussion groups (currently five) for terms starting at the beginning of the appointment year (July), including chairs of committees as necessary. Appointments are generally two years in length and staggered so that no more than half of a committee will reach the end of their appointment in a given year.
    • Attend the meeting held by the ACRL program manager to learn about the ACRL volunteer and appointment system.
    • Help promote the call for nominations to membership.
    • Devise processes to recruit qualified candidates.
    • Become familiar with committee charges and activities.
    • Seek input from current committee and discussion group chairs, as appropriate.

Selecting an Emerging Leader

  • In August and September, as requested by the ULS chair, coordinate the selection of a ULS-sponsored emerging leader with ULS members-at-large. (ULS also has the option to defer this decision to the larger ALA Emerging Leader selection committee, so ULS may not be required to make a selection if the chair exercised this option). 


  • Be responsive to inquiries from members and nonmembers regarding section interests and activities.
  • Attend the ACRL budget orientation.
  • Attend the ACRL Leadership Council meetings as scheduled at ALA LibLearnX and ALA Annual.