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University Libraries Section (ULS): Executive Committee

Procedures and goals for members of the ULS Executive Committee, including the chair, vice-chair, past-chair, secretary, committee chairs, discussion group conveners, and members-at-large.


ULS will strengthen the ability of university libraries to provide superior services, and will prepare university library personnel for increasingly significant roles in higher education. ULS will develop guidelines and standards for university libraries and promote continuous learning for library staff. ULS will provide leadership in shaping information and scholarly communication policy through ACRL and ALA, and in partnership with other higher education and information technology groups. ULS will foster the recruitment and retention of highly qualified and talented people by university libraries, individuals who reflect the diversity found in American society.


Goal 1. Provide excellent programming for constituents at both the national and regional level.

Strategic directions:

  • 1.1 Sponsor programs at conferences and other forums.
  • 1.2 Extend programming and continuing education opportunities to the local and regional level. ULS will also:
    • Provide information on successful programs for possible implementation at the local and regional level.
    • Encourage the use of teleconferencing and other new technologies to disseminate programs widely.
  • 1.3 Provide support for creative and effective program planning.
  • 1.4 Devise methods to assess the evolving needs of the membership for continuing education.

Goal 2. Seek cooperative relationships within ACRL and ALA, and with other library organizations.

Strategic directions:

  • 2.1 Work with other ACRL sections to develop joint programs of interest to university library personnel.
  • 2.2 Work with other ALA divisions to develop joint programs.
  • 2.3 Encourage the establishment of liaisons from ACRL to other library organizations to promote increased collaboration.
  • 2.4 Increase involvement in the ACRL Activities Section Council.

Goal 3. Promote participation in the development of information policy at the national level.

Strategic Directions:

  • 3.1 Keep ACRL informed of issues related to information policy that are of particular concern to university libraries, so that they receive prompt attention at the national level.
  • 3.2 Seek means to communicate with ULS membership to encourage more involvement with legislative and other leaders.
  • 3.3 Explore the use of appropriate electronic means of delivering information on policy issues to ULS membership.

Goal 4. Foster cooperation with university administration and teaching faculty on issues of mutual concern.

Strategic Directions:

  • 4.1 Identify issues of mutual concern.
  • 4.2 Provide ULS members with opportunities to begin or contribute to dialogues with university administrators and faculty on these issues.
  • 4.3 Increase interaction with national scholarly associations on these issues through collaborative programs, joint publication, and other means.
  • 4.4 Promote efforts to ensure recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce within universities and their libraries.

Goal 5. Promote awareness and provide support for university libraries in dealing with the challenges that are unique to them.

Strategic Directions:

  • 5.1 Identify the major challenges facing university libraries, such as support of graduate and professional programs and research collections in an era of rising costs and evolving technologies.
  • 5.2 Consider the establishment of task forces to address these issues and report their findings to the Executive Board.
  • 5.3 Assist library schools in developing academic programs to prepare librarians to meet and anticipate the needs of university libraries and their patrons.