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Science and Technology Section (STS): About Our Officers

This is a guide for current and potential offers in the Science and Technology (STS) Section of ACRL

How to use this guide

STS Officers are elected through ALA/ACRL ballot and serve for the time periods listed below.  Under each officer is their duties and a calendar to help with scheduling activities throughout the year.  The two Members-at-Large have staggered terms, alternating election cycles.

  • STS Chair (1 year term then serves as Past-Chair)
  • STS Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect (1 year term then serves as STS Chair)
  • STS Past-Chair/Liaison to ACRL Board (1 year term)
  • STS Secretary (2 year term)
  • STS Publicity Officer (2 year term)
  • STS Members-at-Large - 2 positions (2 year terms)

If you wish to run for STS Office, please contact the STS Nominating Committee.