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Science and Technology Section (STS): About Our Officers

This is a guide for current and potential offers in the Science and Technology (STS) Section of ACRL


1. Serves as an officer of the section and assists in advancing the goals and objectives of the section in accordance with ACRL strategic directions and priorities.

2. As a member of the Executive Committee, attends meetings of the committee at Annual and Midwinter Conferences, including those at the Annual Conference immediately preceding the taking of office.

3. Appoints a Nominating Committee that is responsible for producing a slate of candidates for section office. The STS Past-Chair will serve as the Chair of the Nominating Committee, and recommends members to the Vice-chair to appoint to the Committee. The section vice-chair may not be a member of the Nominating Committee (see ALA Bylaws, Article III, Section 1.a).

4. If a program is planned, a Conference Program Planning Committee and chair should be appointed that is responsible for planning the section's program at the Annual Conference during year as chair. May serve as a member of the committee according to section bylaws.

5. Makes appointments to all other section committees for terms beginning when term as chair begins.

6. Submits section's budget requests for year as chair by deadline.

7. Responds to inquiries from members and non-members regarding section interests and activities.

8. Serves on the ACRL Conference Program Planning Committee. Reports to ACRL vice-chair at meeting of the committee on section program being planned for Annual Conference during the year as chair.

9. Vice-chair co-represents (with section chair) the section on the ACRL Communities of Practice Assembly.

10. Appoints co-chairs of ongoing and newly formed discussion groups.

11. Attends and participates in ACRL Communities of Practice Assembly sessions (usually held Friday afternoons at the ALA Midwinter and Annual Conferences).


Month Responsibility
May (for newly-elected Vice Chair/Chair-Elect) Receive written notification from ACRL about election results. Complete membership roster enclosed. Respond to invitation to attend ACRL new Chair Orientation and COPA (Communities of Practice Assembly) meeting (held Friday afternoon before Annual). 
Immediately following Annual Conference Begin term of office at the close of the final day of the Annual Conference.
August (or, by requested deadline) Submit introductory letter to Newsletter Editor for inclusion in fall issue.
September (or by announced deadline) Submit proposals for next year's Annual Conference programs. (with Conference program Planning co-chairs)
September Appoint Nominating Committee (based on recommendations from section Past-Chair) for election two years out and ask them to fill out the Volunteer Web form. The Past- Chair will serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee.
Midwinter conference Solicit volunteers for committee assignments. 
January Remind new and renewing Committee members to fill out Volunteer Web Form. 
January Appoint Program Committee Chair and Program Committee members for Annual two years hence, and makes sure each appointee fills out the Volunteer Web form.
February Appoint Nominating Committee by official deadline. (Advisable to make appointments when the system is ready for input around late January.)
April Invite new and continuing committee Co-Chairs to attend New Chair Orientation at Annual or at virtual meeting after Annual Conference.
April Finalize committee appointments, changes, additions, deletions.
April Contact list owner for STS-c (part of Publicity Committee) to ensure addition of new co-chairs immediately after Annual.
Annual Conference Discusses with the Chair the work and direction of the section and any specific responsibilities that have been assumed by committee members. 
Annual Conference Begin to work with fundraising designate to find sponsors at this point for extra speaker fees and programming for next Annual conference. 
Annual Conference Attend ACRL Communities of Practice Assembly sessions.
Annual Conference (or virtually after) New and continuing Committee Co- Chairs attend STS Chair’s Orientation, a meeting led by the Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, at Annual or virtually after the Conference