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Science and Technology Section (STS): About Our Officers

This is a guide for current and potential offers in the Science and Technology (STS) Section of ACRL


1. Serves as an officer of the section and assists in advancing the goals and objectives of the section and ACRL.

2. Serves as a member of the Executive Committee; attends meetings of the Committee at Annual and Midwinter Conferences.

3. Chairs the Nominating Committee beginning in the year of their term as past-chair.

4. Serve as ACRL Liaison. Brings forward concerns from section and represents the section at ACRL Board meetings at Midwinter and Annual conferences.

5. Reports ACRL Board issues and activities to the STS Executive Committee.

6. Other tasks according to the section Governance Procedures or as assigned by the section Executive Committee.


Month Responsibilities
Immediately following Annual Conference Begin term of office at the close of the final day of the Annual Conference.