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ACRL/EBSS Curriculum Materials Center Scholarly Publication Bibliography

Welcome to the Curriculum Materials Center Scholarly Publications Bibliography!

The ACRL/EBSS Curriculum Materials Committee gratefully acknowledges Rita Kohrman for allowing us to use her compilation of published books, chapters, and articles for the basis of this LibGuide. This guide organizes Rita Kohrman’s original list of publications by topic, and adds to it with more recent publications collected by members of the Curriculum Materials Committee. Please feel free to submit suggestions for additions to this guide by contacting any member of the EBSS Curriculum Materials Committee.  We look to build on the foundation Rita Kohrman began.

For those who do not know Rita Kohrman, Rita has been an advocate for Curriculum Materials Centers through her work at Grand Valley State University (Grand Rapids, MI), as well as through her presentations, articles, and chapters. Her edited book, Curriculum Materials Collections and Centers: Legacies from the Past, Visions of the Future, including her chapter on the history of CMCs, is an invaluable tool for new and experienced CMC librarians—or, for anyone interested in CMCs.

To browse this bibliography, select any of the subject headings from the navigation bar on the left side of the screen to view the materials associated with that topic.

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Searching for research on curriculum materials

Finding research about curriculum materials in academic libraries is a challenge, in part because the terminology used to describe these collections is often inconsistent.  We've been asked to supply a list of potential key words and phrases to use as search terms, which is provided below:

  • Names for the materials themselves
    • curriculum materials
    • teaching materials
    • curriculum resources
    • instructional materials
    • educational technology
    • educational media
    • instructional media
    • children's literature
    • textbooks
  • Names for the spaces in academic libraries where these resources are used
    • curriculum materials center
    • curriculum laboratory
    • curriculum resource center
    • instructional materials center
    • instructional resource center
    • teacher resource center
    • learning resource center
    • library resource center
    • teacher education media center
    • educational media center
    • makerspace