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ACRL/EBSS Resources for Curriculum Materials Professionals

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Guide Credits

The ARCL EBSS Curriculum Materials Committee created and maintains this guide. 

Guide contributors: Amanda Melilli, James Rosenzweig, Katherine Farmer, Marietta Frank, Margaret Gregor, Sheila D. Kirven, Sarah Parramore, Karen N. Reed, Kendra Tyson, Alicia Glory Vaandering, Ashlynn Kogut, Vicki D. Bloom, Hannah Lee Park, Tiffeni Fontno

Welcome to the Resources for Curriculum Materials Centers Guide!

This guide is designed to equip librarians to run a Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) as envisioned in EBSS Curriculum Materials Committee's Guidelines for Curriculum Materials Centers document. The resources provided in this guide support the work of librarians and library staff who work in Curriculum Materials Centers or with P-12 curriculum materials.

This guide supplements other resources created by the ACRL EBSS Curriculum Materials Committee:

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