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ACRL/EBSS Resources for Curriculum Materials Professionals

Welcome to the Resources for Curriculum Materials Centers Guide!

This guide is designed to equip librarians to run a Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) as envisioned by the ACRL EBSS Curriculum Materials Committee. The resources provided in this guide support the work of librarians and library staff who work in Curriculum Materials Centers or with P-12 curriculum materials.

Content is organized into the following categories for easier browsing:

Resources for Curriculum Materials Centers/Collections Personnel

This guide supplements other resources created by the ACRL EBSS Curriculum Materials Committee which provide guidance on the management of CMC services, collections, facilities, personnel, and more. The updated version of guidance on the management of CMCs and collection development are included below.

Editions of the Directory of Curriculum Materials Centers/Collections

Since 1981 the ACRL EBSS Curriculum Materials Committee has periodically published a directory of curriculum materials centers and collections to capture, the number, location, and nature of CMC in the United States and/or in Canada. Editions of the directories are linked below. If an online version it is included, otherwise the link directs to WorldCat to allow easy identification of a nearby library with a print copy.

Past Directories: