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ACRL/EBSS Psychology Committee


The goals of open research are transparency, efficiency, and collaboration. The potential outcomes of open research are greater reproducibility, cross-lab communication, and a faster progression of science. Individuals who engage in open research provide some level of open (free) access to their methods, analyses, and results. Some may also choose to use open software in their methods and analyses. Here are some general resources about open research:

Tools That Open Research Workflows

A selection of some of the more common open research tools that every psychology librarian should be familiar with. 

Open Discovery
Open Annotation
Open Notebooks
Open Computational Notebooks
Open Protocols
Open Registration
Open Data Repositories
Open Code and Software
Open Writing
Open Publishing: Preprint Servers
Open/Alt Peer Review
Open/Alt Assessment of Scholarly Works

Supporting Open Research Practices

What Librarians Can Do To Support Open Research Practices