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ACRL Board Manual 2021-2022

Board Manual for the ACRL Board of Directors.

5.4 Roles & Responsibilities: Budget & Finance Chair

Association Governance – board meetings, strategic planning
  1. Serves as a member of the ACRL Board of Directors.
  2. Serves as a member of the ACRL Executive Committee.
  3. Shares information on financial picture of association. Represents budget and finance perspective in Board discussions. Advises Board on appropriate process to vet programs from a financial perspective.
  1. In consultation with president, plans joint Board/Budget and Finance Committee meeting at Midwinter.
  2. Attends ALA Budget Analysis and Review Committee (BARC) and ALA Planning and Budget Assembly as ACRL representative. Votes as ACRL representative when appropriate.
  3. Maintains effective relationships between ACRL and ALA and its divisions. Shares information, communicates concerns, participates in governance through attending meetings such as:
    • ALA Planning and Budgeting Assembly (PBA),
    • Joint meeting of ALA Budget Analysis and Review Committee (BARC) and the divisions.
Budget and Finance Committee Chair’s Ex Officio and Liaison Responsibilities