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ACRL Board Manual 2021-2022

Board Manual for the ACRL Board of Directors.

4.5 Evaluations

Board Meeting Effectiveness Assessment

Board assessment is an important tool that assists Board members in regularly reviewing how they perceive their effectiveness in carrying out their major association responsibilities and working effectively as a Board. At its 2009 Strategic Planning and Orientation Session, the board determined that it will evaluate each meeting briefly by identifying what went particularly well (Plus) and what can be changed to improve future meeting effectiveness (Delta).

In 2011, the Board decided to include the addition of two targeted questions regarding the effectiveness of the Board meeting.

  1. What worked well at this meeting?
  2. What would we change when we meet next?

In 2014–15, a Board Working Group developed the following tool to be used by the Board for meeting evaluations. The following tool will be sent as an online survey at the conclusion of each Board meeting. In 2016, the Board decided the Plus/Delta had become a rote exercise and decided to only use it on occasion.

ACRL Board Effectiveness Evaluation

The following survey is sent after each annual conference.

Please indicate on the scale with 1 being ‘Not at all” and 5 being “Completely” how much you agree with the following statements.







  1. The work of the Board reflects the mission, goals and purpose of ACRL 






  1. The Board supports and evaluates the Chief Executive effectively.






  1. The work of the Board ensures effective planning for the work of ACRL






  1. The work of the Board monitors and strengthens programs and services.






  1. The work of the Board addresses financial issues for the organization, to protect assets, keep financial resources adequate, and provide financial oversight.






  1. The Board effectively represents the viewpoints of all sectors of the organization.






  1. The Board been performing its legal and ethical duties appropriately.






  1. The Board promotes and helps publicize the work of ACRL.







  1. Is there anything else you would like to add to these assessment questions?  Or other points you would like to make?


ACRL Board Meeting Evaluation

The following survey is sent through an online survey after the fall Strategic Planning and Orientation Session (SPOS) and January meetings per the recommendation of the 2015 Board Working Group. The Board agreed to not send a meeting evaluation for every Board meeting to avoid evaluation fatigue.


Strongly Agree



Strongly Disagree

I don’t know/Not applicable

1. There is a climate of respect and trust among Directors, Executive members, and staff.






2. There is a clear commitment to building consensus on issues discussed in Board meetings.






3. The meeting time allotted for reaching decisions on issues is appropriate.






4. There is effective and appropriate communication between the Board and the Executive Committee and

the Board and the Executive Director.






5. What worked well at this meeting?

6. What should we do differently at our next meeting?

7. Other comments or suggestions?