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ACRL Board Manual 2022-2023

Board Manual for the ACRL Board of Directors.

4.0 Overview

Dates to Save

The Board meets five times a year, both face-to-face and virtually. The meetings take place as follows:

  • ACRL Board Strategic Planning and Orientation Session (SPOS) (face-to-face; typically, September or early October)
    • SPOS 2021-2022: Thursday, June 23, 2022, Washington, DC in conjunction with the 2022 ALA Annual Conference
  • ACRL Fall Virtual* (sometimes FTF for Exec. Committee, virtual for directors-at-large, more recently virtual for all; October or November)
    • ACRL Fall Virtual TBD
  • ALA LibLearnX (face-to-face/virtual; typically, January)
    • ALA LibLearnX: January 21-January 24, 2022, virtual
    • ACRL Board Meetings @ LLX22: Board Update, Board I, Board II, Joint Board/Budget & Finance Meeting
    • ACRL Leadership Council (In 2022, held virtually in April 2022)
  • ACRL Spring Virtual* (typically half-day virtual, April)
  • Leadership Council & Membership Virtual Meeting 
    • Leadership Council & Membership Virtual Meeting: April 11, 2022 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Central Time. 
  • ALA Annual Conference (FTF, typically June)

* = Only Executive Committee members required.

Meeting administration


ACRL staff record and prepare draft minutes of the ACRL Executive Committee and Board meetings. Following the Midwinter and Annual Conference meetings a summary of the actions of the Board is published in C&RL News.

The draft minutes of each Executive Committee and Board meeting are approved by the emanating body. To illustrate, the Fall Executive Committee minutes will be shared with the full Board but the approval of the minutes is solely the responsibility of the Executive Committee. The approved minutes are posted to the Board of Directors ALA Connect community.

Typographical errors and non-substantive corrections may be reported directly to ACRL staff, who will make the appropriate changes. Substantive corrections should be brought to the Board’s attention during the discussion period before the voting period so that correction(s) may be approved and included in the final approved minutes.

Closed Sessions

Closed sessions are used only to discuss matters affecting the privacy of individuals, institutions, and the association. The presiding officer reports out following each closed session in order to note any formal actions taken by the Board. Actions taken in closed session are announced, and votes are confirmed in an open session.

Closed sessions are noted on the agenda. Individual Board members may request a closed session if they feel an issue warrants one. The Board may also decide to go into closed session during a meeting if the item under discussion affects the privacy of an individual, an institution, ALA, or ACRL.

The Board is bound by ethics and common sense in observing rules of confidentiality and silence regarding discussions in closed session. In general, if public awareness of the issue will violate the privacy of an individual or institution, the session should be closed. Board members should not reveal the elements or substance of the discussion. If Board members are uncertain what they may reveal, this should be discussed during the closed session.

Chat Function

During virtual or hybrid Board meetings, any chat functionality will be limited and available only to members of the ACRL Board of Directors and ACRL Staff. Non-members or guests will have access to the chat function during open mic sessions or at the invitation or recognition of the Board’s presiding officer. (Source: Approved by the ACRL Board of Directors on February 17, 2023)

Fall/Spring Meetings

The Executive Committee typically has met twice a year, in the spring and in the fall for a day or a day and a half. The fall meeting typically takes place in Chicago. In recent years, the full Board has joined the Executive Committee for a half-day virtually, or the full Board has met virtually in lieu of only the Executive Committee. Beginning in 2015, the Board has held a half-day virtual meeting of the full Board in lieu of a face-to-face Executive Committee meeting. The Board members will be notified in advance if the Board will convene during an Executive Committee meeting. All upcoming Board meeting dates and times are listed at the end of Board meeting agendas and posted to ALA Connect.

Special Meetings

Special meetings, virtual meetings, and conference calls may be arranged at the discretion of the Board. Any Board member may request a special meeting or conference call. The final decision about whether to hold special meetings, virtual meetings, or conference calls rests with the president.


It is ACRL policy to pay expenses of members of the Executive Committee to attend fall and spring meetings. Expenses of Board members will be paid to attend the annual fall Board Strategic Planning and Orientation Session, as well as any other interim meetings of the Board when such expenses are not paid by the member’s home institution.

Expenses to attend meetings of the Board during the ALA Midwinter Meetings, Annual Conferences, and biennual ACRL Conference are viewed as the professional commitment of the volunteer and are not reimbursed.

Covered Expenses

The following expenses, which may be incurred by Board members attending official Board meetings or events, are generally covered:

  • Ground transportation between home and airport (taxi, ride share (e.g., Uber, Lyft), van or car service, mileage/airport parking, public transportation)
  • Ground transportation between airport and meeting site (taxi, ride share (e.g., Uber, Lyft), van or car service, public transportation)
  • Round-trip air travel (coach class), round-trip train fare; mileage; fee for one checked bag. Board members may elect to upgrade airline seats and personally pay the difference in ticket cost.
  • All meals not provided (the ALA per diem should be used for meals: $10 breakfast, $15 lunch, and $25 dinner)
  • Taxi fares, ride share (e.g., Uber, Lyft), van or car service, or public transportation for rides during the meeting period (between hotels, to meetings, etc.)
  • Reasonable tips (maid, bellman, skycap, etc.)
  • Wi-Fi in your hotel if needed stay in touch with work.

Any communication with Board members regarding clarification of expense reimbursement requests is handled through the executive director or a staff designee.

Expense Report Forms

Board members are asked to submit reports of their expenses on a Reimbursement Expense Form, which is available on the ACRL Forms page.

Original receipts for hotel, air or other transportation, and any other items (internet, taxi rides, etc.) must be submitted with the expense report. Meal receipts are not required for the per diem. Staff reviews the reports, assigns charge lines, and sends the report to ALA Accounting. If reimbursement is requested, a check is sent to the Board member, usually within two weeks after the request is received at headquarters.

Direct deposit is available if you expect to receive more than one reimbursement from any ALA unit during the year. Please contact ACRL staff for the necessary form and signup information.

Internet Expenses

If Board members need to stay in touch via email while participating at an event eligible for reimbursement, reasonable internet expenses may be claimed for reimbursement. A receipt or hotel bill will be needed to claim the expense.