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ACRL Board Manual 2021-2022

Board Manual for the ACRL Board of Directors.

3.3 Candidates

The Board developed the following set of qualities to consider when choosing candidates for the ACRL Board of Directors. As successful candidates, members of the Board are expected to embody these qualities during their Board term of service.


ACRL is committed to integrity and transparency and is dedicated to the values of higher education, to intellectual freedom, and to upholding “The Library Bill of Rights.” We seek Board members who endorse and embody these values. More specifically, we seek Board members who will avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest that would damage the image of the association. We seek Board members who will not make, participate in, or attempt to influence any decision or other action of ACRL that could result in a direct or indirect benefit to the member, the Board, the member’s family, or any organization in which the Board member has a personal financial interest.


We are seeking individuals who can listen, analyze, think clearly and creatively, and work well with people individually and in a group. We seek individuals who can clearly articulate ideas, listen carefully to others, and synthesize discussions to make informed decisions.

Commitment to Board Service

Board candidates should understand the time commitment of the position and not over extend themselves so that they can give the position the attention it deserves. Board members should be willing to prepare for and attend Board meetings, ask questions, take responsibility, and follow through.

Pride in the Profession

We are looking for someone who is proud to be an academic or research librarian and who inspires pride in the profession.


We seek Board members who can offer visionary leadership and a broad perspective on the issues and challenges of the profession. Members should be open to change, new ideas, and have global perspective. Board candidates should demonstrate a commitment to professional associations and to continuous learning. Connections to the broader information, technology, and higher education communities are helpful.

Professional Stature

We seek Board members who have demonstrated expertise in librarianship or related professional areas. Stature can be demonstrated through years of service, expert knowledge, or service in other non-profit organizations. It is helpful for Board members to have expertise in areas such as organizational and/or financial management; marketing and/or fundraising; strategic and/or long-range planning, professional development, staff training, and continuing education.

Commitment to ACRL

A Board member should have a strong interest in the present and future of ACRL. Board members should embrace the core purpose of ACRL and have enthusiasm for assisting the association in establishing and realizing the goals and objectives to support the core purpose. Service on ACRL division-level committees, task forces, or discussion groups and/or section committees demonstrates interest in ACRL but is not a prerequisite for service on the Board. Board members should be willing to serve as ambassadors on behalf of ACRL to support the ACRL Chapter Speakers Bureau. Board members should be willing to provide financial support to the Friends of ACRL consistent with personal circumstances and to attend the ACRL National Conference (as circumstances allow).


The principle stated in the 1992 ALA Council guidelines is to ensure that no candidate is given an advantage by receiving a higher level of support from the Association or its units. Therefore, endorsement by an ACRL unit constitutes organizational support not available to all candidates. ACRL units may not endorse candidates. However, for information purposes, ACRL may identify all members standing for ACRL office in official communication channels.

Appointed committee chairs, or members of committees may endorse candidates and may use ACRL electronic discussion lists to express their support for an individual candidate or candidates for ACRL offices, as long as they do not use their official titles or create the impression that they are speaking on behalf of an ACRL committee or unit of ACRL. Candidates can list endorsers by name, but not by ACRL title or office. ACRL Board of Directors members shall not endorse any candidate in any American Library Association election.

Source: ACRL Guide to Policies and Procedures: Chapter 7: Appointments and Nominations, 7.4.1 Endorsements